Peter grew up in Twin Falls. His college academic career was unconventional as he was compelled by an insatiable curiosity to learn about the real world and the people who make it up. That drove him to work an eclectic collection of jobs that brought him into contact with just about every stratum of society ranging from minimum wage labor all the way up to a stint in Washington D.C. working for a senator. 

Practicing exclusively criminal law since 2006 and distinguishing himself as a competent defense attorney, Peter joined the Twin Falls Prosecutor’s office in 2011. He prosecuted exclusively serious felony offenses and did so quite effectively. After a decade and over fifty felony jury trials, he returned to his defense attorney roots. Those experiences impressed upon him two indisputable truths. First, innocent people can be wrongfully accused. Good intentions, bias and the misapprehension of facts can lead to grave injustices. Second, good people can make bad choices and still be good people. Both deserve good legal advice and a fierce advocate in their corner. Guilty or not, everyone can be subject to injustice, and everybody deserves a fair shake.

Peter joined the firm of Hilverda McRae in the Fall of 2022. He also never intended, EVER, to own yappy little dogs. Despite his resistance to that intolerable notion, he and his wife have three very little yappy little pups. While he does his best to pretend, they wriggled their way into his heart and wrapped him around their little, teeny-tiny paws.

Peter Hatch


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